CSR programme areas


At SG GSC, our Corporate Citizenship strategy is derived from the Group Corporate Citizenship principles. Our mission is to contribute towards sustainable development of our society by investing in high impact programs in the areas of education, promotion of education through sports​ and environment.
At the Group level and SG GSC level, our Corporate Citizenship mission also aims to embed a culture of social responsibility by capitalizing on our employees’ commitment to social causes. We work together as a team to showcase not just social commitment but also Team Spirit, which is one of SG GSC’s core values.

Promotion of education

Promoting High Quality Education among underprivileged youth and children through scholarship programs and teaching interventions.

Livelihood Creation

Empowering Youth from economically weaker sections by investing in livelihood enhancing skill-based and vocational training with specific focus on Women empowerment.

Environmental sustainability

Minimizing our environmental footprint by investing in programs that conserve & protect natural resources & inspire others to do the same.

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