SG Global Solution Centre's CSR MISSION

At SG GSC, our Corporate Citizenship strategy is derived from the Group Corporate Citizenship principles. Our mission is to contribute towards sustainable development of our society by investing in high impact programs in the areas of education, promotion of education through sports​ and environment.
At the Group level and SG GSC level, our Corporate Citizenship mission also aims to embed a culture of social responsibility by capitalizing on our employees’ commitment to social causes. We work together as a team to showcase not just social commitment but also Team Spirit, which is one of SG GSC’s core values.

Promotion of education

Promoting high quality education among underprivileged youth and children through scholarship programs.

Promoting sports

To promote rural sports, nationally recognized sports, Paralympic sports and Olympic sports .

Women empowerment

Empowering women and girls from economically weaker sections by investing in livelihood enhancing skill-based and vocational training.

Environmental sustainability

Minimizing our environmental footprint by investing in programs that conserve & protect natural resources & inspire others to do the same.

Our NGO Partner

Care India


In collaboration with the French Embassy and Indo-French Chamber of Commerce India, and in partnership with the NGO CARE India, Societe Generale Group along with the global solution centre and other Indian entities joined the solidarity programme set up by the French government to fund equipment delivery to hospitals in the country.

The project aimed at the purchase of oxygen generators and concentrators and installation at various hospitals to meet the shortage of oxygen in various states in India during the second and third wave of the pandemic.



Founded by Matthew Spacie in 1999, Magic Bus Foundation equips children and young people in the age group of 12 to 18, taking them on a journey from Childhood to Livelihood and out of poverty with the skills and knowledge they need, to grow up and move out of poverty.

Standing together in solidarity with the community, to support the fight against COVID-19, two projects were executed with Magic Bus India Foundation. The first project focused on the procurement of oxygen concentrators and deployment in Public Health Centres and Covid Care Centres in and around Bangalore. The second project involved expansion of the ICU bed facility in a Bangalore hospital and set up of a dedicated Labour ICU Ward for COVID-19 impacted women and natal care in a Chennai hospital. 



Building on its work in various aspects of conservation with school children, TIDE has formally launched school programmes to create awareness, provide knowledge and set up clean tech interventions at schools’.

In partnership with SG GSC the Model School Programme is envisaged as a high impact programme with an aim to bring about a pedagogical change in the school education system. This will be done to equip, skill and train schools and students to become ‘Agents of Change’ in a phased manner by integrating holistic learning, conservation, meaningful civic engagement and with a focus on environmentally friendly technologies.

Launched in December 2018 with one pilot school in Bangalore, it has now successfully scaled to13 schools across Chennai and Bangalore by March 2021.

In its 26-year journey, TIDE has been promoting sustainable development through innovative technological interventions.



FFE was founded in 1994 with a mission to provide college scholarships to students who, although financially constrained, show great promise in the technological, engineering and medical fields. This project seeks to transform the lives of academically gifted and financially needy students by supporting them through their professional Engineering education by awarding scholarships. 

Through this partnership students pursue their dreams of professional education in Engineering/Technology (BE/B.Tech) and are granted a scholarship for the 4 years of their undergraduate study programme.

Currently, many students abandon such dreams as the current financial restraints faced by many families curtail such ambitions. Further, by awarding merit-based scholarships, students can stay focused on the demands of an all-round professional education with a goal to excel without additional financial burden.



The partnership with VIDYA is an intervention at the grassroot level with a specific focus on education, empowerment, and transformation of the underserved community. 

The holistic approach to education brings together several programmes to children, youth and women in a unique manner with the aim of transforming their lives by providing them with age-appropriate relevant education that empowers them and builds a sense of pride within them.  The commitment with VIDYA involves the following projects:

  • Beyond School Programme: it is Holistic education opportunity for children from urban slums and underserved communities in Bangalore. Curated for students from government schools and low-end private schools the programme imparts communicative English, computer skills and life skills with a view to enhance educational opportunities.
  • Digital Empowerment Programme: This project aims to make computer literacy accessible and affordable to the local communities at large, thus enabling them to explore new horizons
  • Shakti Livelihood Programme: It empowers women through vocational skills that augment earning opportunities.   This programme equips them with basic communicative English, life skills, smart phone usage for business purpose, entrepreneurship training and financial literacy
  • Sanskriti Programme:  Multidimensional approach to build the rich ethnic values in music, arts and performing arts
  • COVID-19 prevention awareness campaigns in the communities

VIDYA is a 35-year-old NGO, which works towards education, empowerment and transformation of underprivileged children, youth, and women by providing holistic education through schools, collaborations, and community programmes.



The 'Usha School of Athletics' was set up as a nonprofit organisation by one of India’s finest track athlete Ms. PT Usha, in association with Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs in 2002 with the sole aim of winning an Olympic Medal for India by training young athletes.

The partnership with the Usha School of Athletics is a comprehensive plan to promote grassroot sports by providing a 360 degree training and allied support to young talented athletes, belonging to rural and underprivileged backgrounds.

Through this programme the athletes are supported in the following areas:

  • Educational support for the athletes
  • Nutrition, diet, boarding and lodging
  • Training and Coaching support including training equipment, medical and physiotherapy needs and support on increasing overall competitiveness by exposure to competitions, interactions with other athletes, coaches etc.


Through the partnership with Societe Generale, SayTrees will rejuvenate the 50-acre Nallurhalli lake, along with urban afforestation to improve the conditions of the ecosystem of the lake and, provide protection from further damage and encroachment. The lake will also be rejuvenated to support a thriving eco-system, accessible to the local neighbourhood with a walking track and other amenities.

The project also includes tree plantation around the lake boundary which are beneficial to the environment and suitable to be grown as per the weather and other environmental factors preferably with medicinal properties aimed at improving the quality of air and surroundings for years to come.