Infrastructure Management Services provides IT Infrastructure services to the Societe Generale Group and is one of the largest shared services centres for IT infrastructure among financial institutions in the world. Created on July 1, 2009, it serves most of the Group’s business lines across locations.

In SG Global Solution Centre, Infrastructure Management Services has a two-fold mission:

  • To provide IT infrastructure services to SG Global Solution Centre and other SG India entities
  • To support Remote Infrastructure Management services for SG entities worldwide

With a 550-member team, the Infrastructure Management Services team in SG Global Solution Centre shoulders the responsibility of round-the-clock support and delivery for the business-critical systems of the Group. It supports the Group infrastructure in the areas of Database Administration, Server Administration, Command Center, Middleware Support, and Storage and Backup Administration.

The team

The End User Services team ensures the smooth functioning of end user infrastructure: desktops, virtual desktops, mail and instant messaging systems, and personal and group file storage spaces.

The Hosting teams manage roster support, project planning, and execution and vendor coordination for the computation, exchange and storage of data between applications. Petabytes of data, thousands of servers and millions of daily transactions are managed by them.

The Network, Telecom and Security team supports operations for services such as voice and data networks and security, and shares the responsibility of Audio and Video Collaboration tools with the EUS team. The team handles Data Center Management for SG India.