Ethics & Governance

Societe Generale Group Code of Conduct

Clients, staff, shareholders, investors, regulators and supervisors, and suppliers: all of Societe Generale group’s stakeholders expect us to act with responsibility.

The integrity of the individual and collective behaviour of our staff is the way we earn the lasting trust of our clients.

By developing a culture of responsibility built on our day-to-day actions, we make a clear contribution to upholding the Group's long-term reputation.

For all these reasons, Societe Generale has chosen to adopt a Code of Conduct which requires all of our staff members, whether permanent or temporary, to follow specific commitments.

A precise control, measurement and risk assessment system has been put in place. It guarantees the solid commitment to a healthy corporate culture and to honest, ethical and responsible conduct. A disciplinary sanctions policy was formalised in 2019, distinguishing clearly the difference between the right to make a mistake and misconduct, with zero tolerance for the latter. Read more here.