The Nallurhalli Lake Project

Giving back to the community and planet

CSR is at the heart of our strategy at Societe Generale.

We believe that economic development goes hand-in-hand with environmental and social progress - both globally and within the communities where we operate. As a responsible organisation, we are committed to sustained positive transformations and a key focus area for us is helping build sustainable cities of tomorrow - acting now for a better future.

As part of this commitment to CSR, sustainability, and environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), in 2020, SG GSC, India, embarked on a journey to rejuvenate the Nallurhalli Lake and combat the ill-effects of urbanization in Bangalore’s IT corridor – Whitefield.

Nallurhalli lake - A thousand-year legacy

Spread over 50 acres in East Bangalore, Nallurhalli is part of a 1000-year-old network of lakes in this bustling industrial hub. Once a centre of rich biodiversity, it supported irrigation for over 2,000 acres of land, provided a livelihood for fisherfolk families, and served as a crucial source of groundwater.

Owing to rapid urbanisation, industrial contamination and encroachment, the city's lake ecosystem rapidly declined over the last few years, leading to water shortage, pollution and adverse effects on the flora and fauna. Nallurhalli too became severely polluted, thus creating a plethora of challenges for the community, and causing local fisherfolk and cowherds to lose their livelihood.

SG GSC's model lake project

In November 2020, as part of our commitment to support the city's development and positively impact the community, SG GSC, India, took up the challenge of rejuvenating Nallurhalli lake. This was a unique philanthropic partnership with the civic administration body Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), and NGO Partner SayTrees Environmental Trust. Undertaken with the goal of ensuring water security, this a strong gesture of our corporate and industrial responsibility towards creating permanent, sustainable transformation for a better future.

Why Nallurhalli

Importance of water

Importance of water

In Bangalore, the primary source of water is groundwater as evidenced by several man-made lakes developed by the city’s founders in addition to natural lakes. Across the city, continuous effort is being made to revive the inter-connected network of lakes and recharge the groundwater supply. 

Positive transformation

Positive transformation 

The SG GSC Whitefield office is in ITPB, just 1.2 km the lake. For many of our employees living in Whitefield, access to clean water is a regular concern. An organizational commitment towards decisive action such as this is meaningful to them as well as others residing in different locations

Commitment to ESG

Commitment to ESG 

Acknowledging our role in rapid urbanisation and stressing on the importance of natural resources, we hope to address the issue of water, both from the perspective of responsibility as an organisation to the community and as a parameter for sustained operations.

The lake restoration process

Scientific methodologies were applied in the process of rejuvenating the lake for long term, sustained positive impact.


A sustainable contribution towards addressing Bangalore’s water issues

Lake View

Access to water for all - As a result of the last two years, Nallurhalli Lake has deepened by 1.5 metres and the water retention capacity has increased by nearly 80%, from approximately 170 to 300 million litres at full capacity. Groundwater too has become available at a depth of 40 to 60 feet for the first time in almost 10 years. Over 3,000 borewell have been rejuvenated within a radius of 500 metres to 1 km. It is estimated that over 1,00,000 residents will have access to clean drinking water thanks to the rejuvenation of the lake.

Supporting livelihoods and the community - With the lake now fully capable of supporting livelihoods, fisherfolk families and cowherds are returning to the area. The local community has pledged to actively participate in maintaining and caring for the rejuvenated lake. A pathway has been laid around the lake and sculptures and other beautifications are underway to reinforce Nallurhalli as a serene public space perfect for better living, be it through health and fitness activities, relaxation, or community-building.

Increased biodiversity - Nallurhalli is well on its way to becoming a spot for biodiversity with increased flora and fauna, including native plant species and migratory birds. This has resulted in moderating the climate around the lake and its surroundings, much to the delight of the community.

Over the next few months, SG GSC has planned drives to plant over 1,000 native saplings to further support the lake's biodiversity and ecosystem. With plants selected with care to ensure they are suitable for the weather and environment, the plantation drive also aims at improving the air quality in the surroundings for years to come. SG GSC has also commissioned art installations for the lake site, which will beautify the area and serve as a constant life-sized reminder about the ill-effects of pollution.

We encourage you to visit the lake site and share your experience and observations.

Our NGO partner: SayTrees Environmental Trust