At Societe Generale Global Solution Centre we believe in moving boundaries. We provide employees a place for cross-business innovation, working together to implement their innovations. In short, we go that extra mile to foster open innovation!

Our innovation strategy involves a three pronged approach with Evangelism, Engagement with start-ups and Emerging Trends forming the base of our innovation activities.

Through Evangelism, we make innovation a habit, promoting ‘intrapreneurs’ and offering them opportunities to offer solutions to business problems in a collaborative environment.

Collaborating with start-ups forms another vital part of the innovation strategy and helps us stay ahead of the curve. The Societe Generale Global Solution Centre Accelerator programme 'Catalyst' brings together disruptive start-ups from the Indian ecosystem and the brightest minds at Societe Generale Global Solution Centre.

Focus on ‘Emerging Trends’ enables Societe Generale Global Solution Centre to offer our customers with best in class solutions and research into topics such as Big Data, Smart Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and much more.

Leveraging Design Thinking methodology enables us to discover untapped ideas and transform them into tangible solutions.

Employees are encouraged to experiment with latest technologies and design innovative solutions in our fully equipped Digital Labs.

These ‘drivers of innovation’ help us develop disruptive solutions for the Societe Generale Group, putting us on the global map as a ‘hub for innovation’.


  • Position Societe Generale Global Solution Centre as a catalyst to accelerate the Digital Transformation of the Group
  • Develop transformative innovations to achieve the goals of the Group

Focus area


  • Evangelize Digital Transformation and Innovation Drive campaigns to fuel the innovative mindset
  • Promote a culture of taking calculated risks and failing early
  • Encourage employees to disrupt the equilibrium with radical thinking
  • Encourage entrepreneurship

Product Design

  • Promote Design Thinking
  • Consult to derive Business Solutions
  • Leverage latest trends like IoT, Big Data, Cyber Security, Microservices etc., to solve business problems

Engage with Start-Ups

  • Develop a structured approach to engage with start-ups for business solutions
  • Leverage NIPP for the Digital Startup Ecosystem through the NIPP core team
  • Review and evaluate new products by start-ups to meet potential business needs

Digital Trends

  • Develop and test POC by the digital teams for identified business needs
  • Structure a business case for sponsorship
  • Design and develop digital technology frameworks relevent to business problems
  • Evaluate technology trends, help and train staff

Emerging Trends

  • Focus on emerging trends and disruptive technologies relevant to financial services
  • Focus on ‘Market research intelligence’
  • Invest in futuristic technology adoption
  • Engage with companies that develop disruptive solutions